Changing? Growing? Need help? Call us, we are here for you.

Option 1 - Self Management

You can easily manage your online business or blog even on the go with a free mobile app. You'll be also able to make changes to your site yourself if you like. An introduction training is included during the website hand-off and we support you when you need us.

Option 2 - Ad hoc professional help

To save your time and ensure your site is updated professionally get in touch with us. We cover all details and confirm the right quote. You can then simply prepay our time online below for an even faster resolution.

Option 3 - Marketing and SEO NEW

We also offer additional ongoing services to accelerate your growth. Our network offers world-class data analytics professionals turning your data insights into actionable items. We'll consult your needs and suggest optimizations in your branding, marketing, and SEO strategy. See Marketing for more.

UON7 - Online Shopping

Choose your ad hoc support option


The required support time includes consultation, work activities, and validation.

Use the examples as a time indication. The more hours you prepay the better the hourly rate you get.

  • 1 HOUR

    Minor changes (starting from 15-minute blocks)
    • Minor text edits
    • Adjust your Color scheme
    • Replace your logo, icons or favicon
    • Setting your mobile quick action bar
    • Add a new blog post
    • Add media to your gallery
    • Image or video replacement
    • Reorganize your menu
    • Add anchors to your navigation
    • Add scrolling effects or animations
    • Set restricted access to a page
    • Upload downloadable files such as pdf, etc.
  • 2 HOURS

    Perfect for small updates or enhancements (SAVE 10% - €10)
    • Add or replace some more content
    • Add a Live Chat
    • Connect you social accounts
    • Modify your contact form
    • Get subscribers tool
    • Adjust your call to action (CTA)
    • Add or replace vector art
    • Add interactive slideshow or hoverbox
    • TRAINING - Introduction to Wix 90 min.
    • Add strips, lists & grids, etc.
    • SEO - essential improvements (recommended yearly)
  • Most Popular

    4 HOURS

    Recommended for a simple new feature (SAVE 20% - €40)
    • Add a Stunning new blog
    • Add a Beautiful Instagram feed
    • Add a Professional media Gallery
    • Add Events management system
    • Showcase your videos in a player
    • Stream & sell your music
    • Add Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Add standard input forms
    • Installing a standard complexity app
    • Add a new standard web page
    • TRAINING - Wix Dashboard & Editor 180 min.
    • Visitors analytics, adjustments, etc.
  • 8 HOURS

    Ideal for site redesign and optimisation (SAVE 25% - €100)
    • Light redesign of a standard 5-page website
    • Load & speed performance optimization
    • Adding or replacing more content
    • Add Wix Restaurants system
    • Add Wix Hotel system
    • Essential Marketing campaigns
    • Promotional videos and emails design
    • Custom tasks based on requirements
    • Larger projects are priced individually

With us, it's easy to keep your site updated

  • ​Peace of mind, just contact us when needed

  • Occasional, recurring, or frequent changes

  • Fast responses to issues and requests

  • Cost-effective, suited for budgetary constraints 

  • Starting from 15-minute blocks to unlimited support 

  • Alternative pricing options for larger changes

  • Easy, transparent and no extra administration

  • Optionally, do it yourself with our coaching


Please contact us before making any prepayments to confirm the right quote.

Accepted payments

We're accepting bank transfers, Stripe, PayPal, and credit/debit cards.

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