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You Online. 7 days a week.

Our team of award-winning designers and collaborating experts is empowering entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide with powerful online presence.



The Studio

Top tier Wix Partner

Founded in Prague in 2016, we're the first certified, top tier Wix & Editor X Partner / Expert in Central Europe.


Multiple international Awwwards, CSSDA web design & development awards winner in UI, UX and Innovation.

Your online buddy

We work with our clients to create an outstanding online presentation of their brand, products, or services and establish a trustworthy, lasting partnership.

Bold Style

We specialize in designing visually powerful and intuitive online presence with a focus on minimal and functional style.

Passion for Design

We love what we do and dedicate a lot of time to continuously evolve with the new features, technologies, and design trends.

Maximum Impact

Our clients and their clients can thus benefit from strong digital identity and world-class, up-to-date services.

UON7 Manifesto

UON7 puts people first in the digital age, embodying the essence of 'You Online' every day. Through our human-centric approach, we empower individuals and businesses to connect, communicate, and thrive in a digital world.

With our commitment to stylish, premium, and leading-edge design, we create digital solutions that stand as frontrunners in the industry, inspiring awe and setting new standards, while also ensuring scalability for future growth. Rooted in minimalism and functionality, our creations inspire trust and build meaningful connections, inviting you to join us as we harness the power of technology to shape a more human-centric, sustainable digital future.




Our team consists of highly skilled, enthusiastic professionals and passionate digital creatives. We are also well-traveled, life-experienced, and approachable individuals.

UON7 Creative Team - Dima Kurlov

Dima Kurlov

UI/UX/Web Designer

UON7 team - Artem Boboshko

Artem Boboshko

Jr. Designer/Intern

Maria Subota

Web Designer

UON7 Creative Team - Anastasia Oplt

Anastasia Oplt

Branding & Graphic Design

UON7 Creative Team - Joey DiGangi III

Joey DiGangi III

Dev./Mark./SEO Partners, US

UON7 Creative Team - Tony Mikes

Tony Mikes


UON7 Creative Team - Chelcey Farrar

Chelcey Farrar

Graphic & Web Designer, US

UON7 Creative Team - Matt Konarzewski

Matt Konarzewski

Marketing Partner, UK

UON7 Creative Team - Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe

Branding Partner, UK

UON7 Creative Team - Jessy Flannan

Jessy Flannan

Senior Therapist

UON7 Creative Team - Adrian Vasho Vaco

Adrian Vashco Vaco


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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