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  • Web Design Prague | UON7

    Y ou Online. Award-winning Web Design Studio empowering entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide Killer Art + Production London, United Kingdom Art Consultancy + Full Service Production - Website design ReThink United Kingdom Manufacturer of Audio/Visual Equipment - Branding FUSHKA PICTURES Brno, Czechia Production, Cinematography & Marketing - Website design Robin Veerman Costa Brava, Spain Real estate, building & services - Professional logo, website and blog Go Online We offer designer, self-manageable websites, online stores, or blogs on powerful Wix and Editor X platforms with smart tools and a free mobile app. HDH Singapore Human Development Hub, DNA research facility - Website, Blog, IG feed, professional logo, copywriting Will Beckers Belgium Environmental artist portfolio - Website, database, blog & IG feed Inspiration. Pricing. Packages. Showroom → Trusted by Global Clients Americas US sports advisory agency, Architectural Design studio in New York, NYC artist with Japanese roots, or San Francisco based Data Center serving Vanuatu.​ ​ EMEA Exclusive boutique in Paris, Environmental Artist in Belgium, UK Prominent Brands Production Agency, Cambridge Tutor in England, Faroe Islands maritime transportation platform, Legal Counsel in Luxembourg, Real-estate services and luxury villas in Spain’s Costa Brava, Electric vehicles from Germany, Art Gallery in Prague, Slovak top Diving school, Physiotherapy & Yoga in Bratislava, or Private clinic in Switzerland... ​ APAC New Zealand's Maori education, Australian Fit Testing, Sydney based yacht sailor, Queensland's Veterans Consulting firm partnered with Australian Government, Taiwan's Career Mentor, or DNA research facility in Singapore. Morgan O'Hara NYC, USA & Venice, Italy International conceptual artist - Portfolio website Streets and Avenues NY, USA Real Estate Agent and Developer - Branding FYZ:YO Bratislava, Slovakia Physiotherapy & Yoga studio - Website design

  • Services | UON7

    Services eCommerce Transactional sites e-Commerce sites facilitate transactions, shopping, booking, etc. Websites Informational sites Classic websites provide company information for promotion Branding Logo & Brand Identity Professional Logo or a complete Brand Visual Identity We combine web art with market research to design a unique logo or entire visual identity for our clients. Brand. Amplify. Succeed. Inspiration. Pricing. Packages. Showroom → Website & eCommerce Design You may start off fully loaded or with a simple website and add on features or services over time as your needs grow. ​ Bespoke Development, Copywriting, Translations​, Post launch Support, Social Media content creation, Marketing & SEO​​. UniQue you. UniQue site. We offer Editor X & Wix Studio, the premium Wix Editors for bold design. Backed by the robust Wix platform, our all-in-one solution offers professional, responsive design, advanced eCommerce features, built-in marketing tools, high security, and powerful SEO, optimized for desktop and mobile. With unlimited creation possibilities, showcase your work, sell online, start a blog, organize events, promote your business, and build your community. The powerful infrastructure provides an enterprise-grade foundation for limitless scalability, faster loading, and inclusive accessibility tools. Plus, the built-in marketing and business solutions, including AI-driven FB & IG Ads, email campaigns, and social posts, help you drive traffic and scale seamlessly. Features Innovative features to use 1000+ Countries around the world 190 Users worldwide choose Wix / EX 220M+ Wix & Editor X - Trusted by game-changing brands. FAQ What are the BENEFITS to have a website? Having a website enhances your professional image, broadens your reach and establishes your brand identity. It showcases your work and skills 24/7 to a wider audience, making it easy for clients to communicate and transact with you. Why is BRANDING important? For businesses and personal brands, investing in strong branding is crucial. It builds trust, creates differentiation, and establishes a positive image, ultimately leading to increased sales and a larger following. See our Showroom for more on branding. Should I hire a professional WEB DESIGNER? A professionally designed website is key to elevating your business and accurately representing your brand online. Let a skilled designer bring your vision to life with a visually stunning website that effectively captures your message and stands out from the competition. What SERVICES do you offer? As a Web Design and Branding agency, we offer a range of services including website design and development, logo design, brand identity development, graphic design, user experience (UX) design, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to enhance your online presence. What key FEATURES should I consider for my website? The key features and functionalities of your website depend on your business goals and target audience. Common considerations include responsive design for mobile devices, easy navigation, clear calls to action, e-commerce capabilities to sell products or services, contact forms, social media integration, and search engine optimization (SEO) features. We can guide you through the process of determining the ideal features for your website. Can you design an ONLINE STORE? Yes, we have experience in developing e-commerce websites. We can help you set up an online store, integrate secure payment gateways, and create a user-friendly shopping experience. Our e-commerce solutions are tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Can you work with clients from any INDUSTRY? Absolutely! While we have a strong presence in the creative industry, our expertise extends beyond it. Regardless of your industry, we can leverage Editor X, the premium choice of the Wix platform, to create beautiful websites and develop your online brand presence. Our tailored solutions ensure that your website effectively represents your business and engages your target audience, no matter the industry you operate in. How do you serve your WORLDWIDE clients? We prioritize serving our global clients by embracing cultural diversity and leveraging our strategic location in Prague. Our team understands the unique needs of clients from different cultures, ensuring inclusive and personalized service. With the advantage of our central location, we can conveniently collaborate across various time zones. Whether through our core team or specialized experts, we provide a tailored experience that transcends geographical boundaries and ensures client satisfaction worldwide. Will my website be optimized for search engines (SEO)? We prioritize SEO in our web design process, implementing best practices to make your website search engine friendly. With Wix and Editor X, your new website's SEO potential is maximized, approaching 100%. The seamless integration between Google and Wix, along with the SEO checklist wizard, ensures excellent search engine visibility from the start. Read more about Wix and SEO in our Journal - Is Wix good for SEO? Do I need to have special design or technical SKILLS to get a website? Not at all! We understand that not everyone has design or technical expertise. That's why we're here to guide you through the entire process. Our team of skilled professionals will handle all aspects of website development, including design, technical implementation, and even business strategy online. We'll work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, ensuring that your website incorporates effective calls to action (CTA), optimized sales funnels, and a visually appealing design that represents your brand effectively. Are Wix an EditorX websites easy to MAINTAIN? Wix and EditorX offer self-manageable websites with a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive suite of powerful tools for business, marketing, CRM, and more. What's even better is that you can easily manage your website on the go using the free mobile app. With these platforms, you don't need to worry about the technical aspects of maintaining a website, such as security, updates, and plug-ins, as they take care of these tasks for you. Furthermore, if you ever need to expand your website with additional features and functionalities to meet your growing needs, we are here to provide the support and assistance you need, ensuring your website is professionally updated. What's the usual website LIFESPAN before needing a redesign? The lifespan of a website before a redesign is required can vary depending on several factors. A website with a minimal and timeless style, incorporating classic design principles, tends to have a longer lifespan. These designs have the potential to remain visually appealing and relevant for several years. On the other hand, websites with trendy or highly specific design elements may require more frequent updates to stay current. Additionally, technological advancements, changes in user behavior, and shifts in industry standards can also influence the need for a redesign. At UON7, we stay informed about the latest design trends and industry developments to provide guidance on when a website redesign may be necessary, ensuring your online presence remains fresh and engaging. HOW LONG does it take to create a website? The timeline for creating a website can vary based on the complexity of the project and the availability of the required content and assets. A simple website can typically be completed within a few weeks, while larger and more complex projects may take several months. We work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines and ensure timely delivery of the final product. HOW MUCH I need to invest in web design? See our Showroom for indicative Web Design prices and Branding Packages. Pricing varies by complexity / design time and your price will be confirmed during our initial conversation. We can provide more content, features, and optional services right away or over time as your needs grow. In some cases, we offer flexible payment options, including instalments. For a detailed quote, please contact us with your project requirements. Do you provide post-launch SUPPORT? We offer self-manageable websites that can be easily managed even on the go using the free mobile app. Additionally, there's a wealth of support resources to assist you in navigating and optimizing your website. If you ever need assistance, our team is just a phone call away, ready to provide prompt and reliable help. GETTING STARTED and what to expect? Contact us for a full-service website project. We'll start with a consultation, present a proposal, and gather information. After a 50% prepayment, see the first concept of your new site and provide written content. We'll collaborate until the design is complete (typically in 3 - 6 weeks), then you'll pay the balance and receive full access, training and support.

  • test | UON7

    Web Design Branding Branding packages ← Websites include Custom Services One page site 3 - 5 sections* 149 € / 3 490 Kč extra section 1 990 € 49 990 Kč Classic website 3 - 5 pages* 169 € / 3 990 Kč extra page 2 990 € 69 990 Kč Online store 3 - 5 pages, up to 10 selling items** 169 € / 3 990 Kč extra page 3 790 € 89 990 Kč Premium package Curated sites, priority attention 30% surcharge to the standard pricing +30% Indicative pricing. Standard design complexity. Includes all website essentials. *Optional - Dynamic pages, Databases, Multilingual, etc. **For online stores or bookings, easily self-add more items or get a quote. ***Focus on content, elements, speed, cross-links, indexing, marketing. Your price will be confirmed during our initial conversations. Contact us for personalized advice. Unlocking value Product details 01 Consultation We consult your project and propose a solution. We exchange enough info for the next step. 02 Design After prepayment, we guide you through the entire project until the work's done. 03 Completion Design's finished. You pay the balance, get final configuration, full access, training and support. Brand This is the Brand introductory paragraph. Use this space to describe the brand and share what makes it so special. Reviews Use this space to share reviews from customers about the products or services on offer. FUSHKA PICTURES Brno, Czechia Production, Cinematography & Marketing - Website design

  • INSTELL | Web Design | UON7

    INSTELL High-end home cinema solutions - Figma design Figma Design → ← Previous Next → Good For State-of-the-art solutions for premium smart homes Summary Desktop and mobile website version design in Figma for a well established company implementing top brands home theater systems, acoustic treatments, or motorized theater furniture for premium clientele. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

  • 528 Prime | Web Design | UON7

    528 Prime Steak and Seafood Restaurant, USA - Branding Brand Guidelines → ← Previous Next → Good For Steak and Seafood Restaurant Summary Designing the branding for 528 Prime Steak and Seafood restaurant in Virginia, USA, presented an incredible opportunity. With a blank slate and only a cow and a fish as guidance, a visually captivating identity was crafted that perfectly matched their brand needs. The resulting unique visual identity reflected their commitment to offering locally sourced seafood, specialty steaks, brick oven pizzas, classic cocktails, and a family-friendly dining experience, ultimately helping them boost their presence and captivate the hearts of their guests. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

  • YogPulse | Web Design | UON7

    YogPulse Yoga / Fitness Studio - Demo eCommerce, Editor X View site → ← Previous Next → Good For Yoga, pilates or fitness studios and instructors Summary A modern and clean design, perfect for yoga, pilates or fitness studios. The fixed background allows you to place all your important content in attractive strips linked to your main menu. With a specific Classes page, your students can book classes via the Wix Bookings app, an all-in-one appointment booking system. You'll be able to manage your events, classes and memberships even on the go with a free mobile app. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

  • BNickFit | Web Design | UON7

    BNickFit Fitness Brand, Atlanta, USA - Branding ← Previous Next → Good For Fitness & sports brands, merch, equipment Summary Personal trainer based in Atlanta, & the creator/owner of a women catered fitness brand, BNICKFIT. The client requested a handwritten signature font for her fitness brand, incorporating a bold and strong font to appeal to her predominantly female audience. The resulting logo is utilized across all of her branded merch and equipment. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

  • About | Web Design | UON7

    Get to Know Us You Online. 7 days a week. Our team of award-winning designers and collaborating experts is empowering entrepreneurs and creatives worldwide with powerful branding and designer websites on the Wix and Editor X platforms. Top tier Wix / Editor X Partner Founded in Prague in 2016, we're the first certified, top tier Wix & Editor X Partner / Expert in Central Europe. Awards Multiple international CSSDA web design & development awards winner in UI, UX and Innovation. ​ Your online buddy We work with our clients to create an outstanding online presentation of their brand, products, or services and establish a trustworthy, lasting partnership. Minimal Style We specialize in designing an intuitive, visual and powerful online presence with a focus on minimal and functional style. ​ Passion for Design We love what we do and dedicate a lot of time to continuously evolve with the new features, technologies, and design trends. ​ Maximum Impact Our clients and their clients can thus benefit from world-class and up-to-date services. Our Creative Team Our team consists of highly skilled, enthusiastic professionals and passionate digital creatives. We are also well-traveled, life-experienced, and approachable individuals. Julius Miko Founder & Creative Director Dima Kurlov UI/UX/Web Designer Artem Boboshko Jr. Designer/Intern Anastasia Oplt Branding & Graphic Design Joey DiGangi III Dev./Mark./SEO Partners, US Tony Mikes Editor/Proofreader Chelcey Farrar Graphic & Web Designer, US Matt Konarzewski Marketing Partner, UK Matt Lowe Branding Partner, UK Jessy Flannan Senior Therapist Adrian Vashco Vaco Photo/Videographer Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo Da Vinci

  • UAWC | Web Design | UON7

    UAWC Marketing Agency, Lisbon, Kyiv, Oslo - Figma design Figma Design → ← Previous Next → Good For Marketing agency, eCommerce , Campaign, Promotional sites Summary A Figma website design for an eCommerce Marketing Agency helping small-to-medium size eCommerce businesses grow and with three offices supporting clients across Europe, US, Canada, and Asia Pacific. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

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  • Yonder | Web Design | UON7

    Yonder High Tech Company - Demo Website, Editor X View site → ← Previous Next → Good For State-of-the-art solution producers, Tech companies, software and apps Summary Impressive technology needs an impressive website! Premium theme for a top notch technology company such as a satellite internet provider with the mission to connect the entire world to a robust internet network. Entice your partners and customers with a premium and striking website, that's perfect for anyone offering any state-of-the-art solutions. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

  • Rethink | Web Design | UON7

    Rethink Manufacturer of Audio-Visual Equipment, UK - Branding Brand Guidelines → ← Previous Next → Good For Manufacturer of Audio-Visual Equipment Summary Brand design for ReThink, a London-based manufacturer of Audio-Visual Equipment, proudly showcases a visually strong and minimal logo. The integration of a USB Type C symbol within the letter 'R,' alongside reduced spacing and aligned letters, creates a modern, clean, and stylish brand identity. Get personalized advice Request a discovery call →

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