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- Blue World Foundation


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- Bzenec Sekt



- Domalewski Advisory


- Deloitte

- Dentra Well

- Dr. ELF

- Edwards Lifesciences

- Eli Shlama



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- Human Development Hub

- Info Playa De Aro, Spain

- Intralot

- Jiří Balík



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- Tomáš Mach Violinist


- University of Pittsburgh (BCRF)



- Votava Tomáš






Ales Knupp, Knupp Gallery, Prague, Czechia

Owner of Fine Arts Gallery

Julius Miko works as a true professional. He created a very functional dynamic and modern design website for us. As a person he is always on your side to help you create a website you wish to have!


Stan Beeks, BOSWA ALLIANCE LLC, USA & Luxembourg

Founder & CEO of Sports Agency

Can you afford not having the best web designer building your online presence? This is one of the key reasons I partnered with Julius Miko of UON7. He takes the position of providing his customers the best design services ensuring your website is fit for purpose. From day one, I asked Julius to challenge my ideas, trusting his experience in designing a site that best represented my brand – and he delivered. Confidently, I refer UON7 to also design your world-class website.


Dominique Benjuya, WiLL BECKERS, Belgium

Environmental Artist

Julius Miko from UON7 was our Wix Partner on our new website project. He has a professional attitude and is very creative. The process was explained in detail upfront. He had some very good ideas on the look and feel for the site which matched our needs well. If we had any questions or needed advice he was willing to find solutions. We are very happy with the collaboration and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and innovative website.


Morgan O'Hara, Artist, NYC, USA / Venice, Italy

International Conceptual Artist

Julius Miko's interest in art is strong and he is quick to grasp the artist's intention and process. Working with the master web designer reduces daunting technical aspects to workable methodologies. I highly recommend UON to any artist seeking current, professional, and visually strong online representation.


Michal Morgan, FTA, Sydney, Australia

Fit Test Australia, CoFounder and Owner

Very professional, punctual and delivered ahead of schedule and above expectations!



Katia Ciesielska, Luxembourg

Independent Director, Legal Counsel

Want a professional, well designed website then look no further! Julius created a website for me that exceeded all my expectactions: nice modern design, professional approach and a good value for money.


Silvio Kupko, SILKRIST Physiotherapy, Switzerland

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Ich bin sehr Zufrieden mit meiner Webseite. Sehr profesionelle und anspruschsvolle Zusammenarbeit. UON7 ist der Ideale Partner für den Medizinischen Bereich um die Website modern - futuristisch zu machen!


Miquel Máñez, ONENESS DISORDER, Andorra

Artist, Musician, Writer, Activist

My experience with UON Studio was a great one. Since the beginning we setup some goals based on which stage was my project, and we sticked to it. In time, everything build up consistently.


Lac Sedivy, PA, USA

Principle Software Engineer 

Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. Julius is well informed and go the extra mile at every stage. Highly recommended!


Zuzana Stihlova, SCHOLARUM, Czechia

Educational Advisory, CoFounder & Project Manager

(Translated from Czech by Google) Julius is a great expert of the wix platform and we are excited by cooperation with him. New web on wix platform get professional look. Julius also provides strategy insights related to our focus and we are going to maintain cooperation with him. Zuzana from Scholarum CZ/ Julius is a great wix expert. We are excited to work with him. Our new website on the wix platform got a professional look. Julius was also an expert advisor for our vision throughout the creation of the new website, and we look forward to continued cooperation.


Karel Barta, X-BUS, Prague Czechia

Authorised Reseller of Electric vehicles, Director

(Translated from Czech by Google) The company UON7 prepared the website for us with high quality and in a short period of time. Thank you for the great cooperation!


Petra Benesova, TRADIX, Zlin, Czechia

Marketing & Communication

(Translated from Czech by Google) Working with Julius was absolutely professional, perfect and friendly. I appreciate his approach, when he was very dedicated to me and helped me prepare the texts with his ideas. It's already the fourth website we've done together and I wouldn't want another expert. He organizes the work very well, which is why we always move quickly to the final. Thank you very much for the opportunity to have such an important partner for work.



Radka Zelnikova, Radost & Zabava, Czechia

Production Company

(Translated from Czech by Google) Thank you for always a very fast, helpful and professional approach, but also for being patient with me as an "amateur" :) Well, I simply accept that we can't all know everything. That is why I am very happy to use your services.


Šárka Hausnerová, PRAVÝ HRADEC, Klecany

Klub Klíček, Organizační tým

(Translated from Czech by Google) On behalf of the whole Pravý Hradec team, we would like to thank you very much for the quality and professional website. The creation of new pages took place perhaps after waiting. Fulfillment of our wishes was met in advance and our requests for modifications were made immediately. We can recommend. We and especially our clients are satisfied! Thank you for your quick responses and professional insight and approach.


Zdeňka Tomášová, PRAVÝ HRADEC, Klecany

Předsedkyně volnočasového spolku

(Translated from Czech by Google) After many years we have a website to be proud of! (Original) Po mnoha letech máme webové stránky, kterými se můžeme chlubit!


Robin Grones, Moric Group


Quality and fast work, absolute availability.


Radek Sulek Goodson, byMuchacha & TIMON Plus

Private Boutique Owner

UON7 is the perfect choice if you want to build, redesign your website or just make your website work and look better. I can recommend UON7 to all WIX users. Thank you UON7.


Mirtill & Jazmin Kiss, DentraWell, London, UK

Dental Services Owners

Thanks to Julius for all his professional advice during our consultations along with the creative ideas. It helped us enormously in shaping the structure and the logic of our international website that was of special importance to us. Sadly, we had to withdraw the efforts in moving forward with this project due to the business decisions related to Brexit. But we are grateful for all the steps of the project and I would definitely recommend him for any website-related tasks, we could rely on him with any of our questions. Also looking forward to working together in the future!


Robin Veerman, Costa Brava, Spain

International Real Estate Services Owner

It is a real pleasure to work with Julius Miko from UON7. He is intelligent and quick in understanding and he is very creative. By phone, me living in Spain, he working in Prague, he was able to make quickly a very nice website.


Bill Manning, Sydney Australia

Yacht Sailor

I'm a lifetime sailor and I wanted to share my stories from sailing Australian and international waters. Julius from UON7 designed a beautiful blog for me that is connected to my Facebook and immediately caught my friends attention. I'm happy that my memories can amuse my fellows in such an engaging way.


MVDr. Michaela Oravská, KheironVet, s.r.o. 

Jednatelka, Veterinární lékařka

Maximální spokojenost! Děkujeme za naše nové web stránky. Vše proběhlo rychle a profesionálně, s výsledkem nad naše očekávání.


Miroslav Kolcun, KOLCUN Business Group s.r.o.


Som veľmi vďačný, že som natrafil na Juliusa z UON7. Máme za sebou už niekoľko úspešných projektov a pripravujeme ďalšie. Všetky stránky dokázal vytvoriť kreatívnym spôsobom a presne tak vystihnúť zameranie a cielenie každej z nich. Bol nám nesmierne nápomocný a proaktívny pri tvorení textov a budovaní našej vizuálnej identity, prekladov do angličtiny a užitočného poradenstva našej online prezentácie. Celkovú komunikáciu, vždy presne dodržané termíny i ceny a hlavne výslednú prácu nad rámec očakávania môžem hodnotiť len veľmi pozitívne. UON7 vrelo odporúčam!


Jiří Balík, Stone & Belter

Mortgage & Investment Expert

Julius Miko byl oporou při tvorbě webových stránek od první myšlenky až po finální realizaci včetně všech detailů a doplňkových služeb. Jeho přidaná hodnota je navíc podpořená kreativními nápady, která dokáže proměnit v užitečná doporučení.


Jana Kopalová, LMJKO s.r.o. - Prádelna Benátky


Hledali jsme profesionalitu a kreativitu. Pan Miko z UON7 svou kreativitou pozitivně překvapil a díky tomu přesně vystihl směr a tvář naší společnosti.


Michaela Fialová, TRADIX UH, a.s.

Marketing Manager

Bylo nám potěšením spolupracovat s Juliem z UON7 na nových firemních webových stránkách. Naším cílem bylo vytvořit moderní, svěží, přehlednější a uživatelsky přívětivější stránky, na kterých zákazníci najdou všechny potřebné informace o našich pobočkách, službách a sortimentu. To se nám s pomocí Juliuse povedlo. Zároveň nám poskytl cenné rady v oblasti SEO a další užitečné tipy, bez kterých by stránky nevypadaly tak, jak vypadají. Děkujeme a těšíme se na další spolupráci!


Josef Sysel, Success Solutions

Managing Director

UON7 se naprosto neočekávaně postaral o naše požadavky, zatímco předtím jsme měli web, kde všichni říkali, že nelze najít nic dobrého. Nyní máme web, kde všichni říkají pravý opak, že nelze najít nic špatného. Veškerá komunikace probíhala naprosto nadstandardně a i náš výmysl na Easter Egg byl dokonale zapracován. Teď už jen sledujeme čísla a kocháme se, jak nám roste návštěvnost z organic search a klesá bounce rate:)


Matej Kopal, ZOOM International

Research & Development Director

I worked closely with Julius at ZOOM International from the time that he joined my team as a Senior Technical Writer. It was clear from the beginning that he is delivery-oriented with an extreme focus on quality and detail. Julius works hard to delivery of quality material, on time. If he promises to deliver something, you can be assured that he will deliver it, he is true to his word. From time to time I asked Julio to help me with additional work (over and above his daily duties), such as materials related to hiring or to the promotion of the company image, in every case the materials provided exceeded expectations and were acclaimed by stakeholders for their quality and visually appealing style. In his time on our team, Julius demonstrated proactivity and regularly provided new ideas related to process improvements or even new features for our product. It was a shame to see Julius leave us! He is an outgoing, communicative person and will be missed by the team. I see Julius as an "A class" person and I would love to work with him again in the future.


Petra Benešová, Blue World Foundation

HR consulting

Děkuji Juliovi z UON7 za mimořádně odbornou práci v realizaci webu pro Nadační fond Blue World foundation. Práce s Juliem byla pohodová, hledal ty nejlepší a nejefektivnější cesty, které splňovaly naše potřeby. Jeho komplexnost a způsob práce bylo to, co jsem v nemalé míře také oceňovala, neboť mně to ušetřilo hodně času a web byl velmi rychle hotov. Již nyní připravujeme další společné weby.


Zdeňka Struhovská, Anahata Jóga studio


Chcete-li vytvořit krásný, funkční a profesionální web, pak Julius se svým UON7 je tou pravou volbou. Nejen že umí, ale co je znát na jeho práci? Že ho to moc baví. Děkuji za krásný web, Juliusi. Líbí se mi a věřím, že i klienti se na něj budou rádi vracet.​


Tomáš Votava, Fincentrum

Financial consulting

S Juliem je radost spolupracovat. Mou představu o vlastních webových stránkách mnohonásobně předčil. Už při prvním návrhu jsem měl úsměv na tváři, jak jsem byl mile překvapen. Po celou dobu velmi konstruktivní spolupráce, dodělání úprav webu ještě před potřebným datem, po každém jednání shrnutí jednotlivých bodů co je potřeba udělat. Velmi proaktivní přístup a kreativní myšlení. Určitě mohu doporučit.


Eduard Stöhr, EPSB Instal

Jsme oficiálním partnerem firmy Viessmann, který nabízí vysoce kvalitní produkty a služby. Chtěli jsme propagovat naši firmu online pomocí nové webové stránky, která by odpovídala naší značce a hodnotám. Naštěstí jsme se setkali s Juliem z UON7, který nám poskytl ohromující "all-inclusive" webovou stránku, do které jsme se okamžitě zamilovali. Julius byl v průběhu celého procesu velmi nápomocný a můžeme vřele doporučit jeho služby.


Pavel Domalewski, D-Advisory
Managing Director

Já prostě miluju naši novou trendovou a profesionální webovou stránku. Měl jsem fantastickou zákaznickou zkušenost a rád doporučím Julia a jeho UON7 každému, kdo hledá novou, účinnou online prezentaci.


Václav Slováček, Ytica
Head of Product and Design

Julius hodně vylepšil naše učební materiály s minimálním úsilím na naší straně. Byl vždy organizovaný, samostatný a proaktivní a velmi bych ho doporučil k vytvoření jakéhokoli zákaznického nebo uživatelského obsahu.


David Morala, Deloitte
Global Change Management & Adoption Leader​

Julius was always very responsive to requests for assistance, knowledgeable and professional.


Kimberly Troske, Deloitte
Chief of Staff, Office of the Global CEO​​

Julius does an excellent job bridging the gap between technical and business communities. He is at once detail-oriented, technically minded, and also very creative, and he is always willing to go the extra mile to meet and exceed client expectations.


David Meggers, Rational Group
Senior Product Manager

I have enjoyed working with Julius over many years and would have no problem with recommending him.


Nina Bressler Murphy, Novartis
Global Learning Integration Leader

Julius is a great asset to any team lucky enough to have him. Julius is systematic and methodical in his approach to resolving problems, he is able to easily step into the shoes of end-users, and most importantly to effectively serve as a bridge between technology and business communities.


Beth Thompson, LUX SYMBOLICA, USA / France

Private Boutique Owner

Excellent service! Julius is an artist who understands and can see the vision of another artist which to us is essential when creating an online presence of an established company. Excellent constructive communication, a completely positive experience! Thanks again!


Víťa Sekerka, KALIMETA, Czechia

Leisure Center, Hotel & Restaurant, CoFounder

It was an awesome cooperation. Professional approach, precision and great attention to detail. Thank you very much, Julius!


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Exclusive boutique in Paris, Environmental Artist in Belgium, UK Prominent Brands Production Agency, Cambridge Tutor in England, Legal Counsel in Luxembourg, real-estate services and luxury villas in Spain’s Costa Brava, Electric vehicles from Germany, Art Gallery in Prague, Slovak top Diving school, or Private clinic in Switzerland...


US sports advisory agency, Architectural Design studio in New York, NYC artist with Japanese roots, or San Francisco based Data Center serving Vanuatu.​


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